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Millender Furniture Company
1626 Anthony Road
Burlington, NC 27215 

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Unparalleled craftsmanship and optimum choices that fit your personal style, these are the roots of the Millender Furniture Company. It started with Charles Millender’s dream, the pursuit of excellence. In the past two decades Millender Furniture has been turning that dream into reality. Today, we offer the highest quality traditional furnishings available to the American market.

Quality and flexibility are the components that distinguish the Millender Furniture Company. First, we hand craft every item and cut corners in neither construction nor style. Second, we offer customizable features to our customers, making what they want, not simply what we choose to offer. We know fine furniture is a lifetime purchase. Those who select our products can choose what meets their specific needs, confident they have a piece worthy of passing along to succeeding generations.

From the exquisite, hand selected veneers on each dining table to the hand carved details on every dining chair; from the incredible cabinetry of the case goods, to the brilliant sheen on the hand rubbed tops, no detail is omitted, no shortcuts are taken. Whether in our US based facility or in our affiliated shops around the world, our obsession with hand craftsmanship ensures we produce only the finest heirloom quality furniture.